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Travel Workouts

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by Taylor Gerlach

With the holidays coming up quickly, lots of us will be visiting family or at home for a few days, so our coaches compiled a list of their favorite at-home/travel workouts that require little to no equipment. This year, you may not be physically traveling, but you can still check some states off your workout bucket list with our travel-themed workouts. Let’s see how many states you can check off in the last few weeks of 2020!

Ellie – 

For time
Goblet squats

This is quick and simple and keeps you motivated with the decreasing numbers! You can choose any two movements based on what equipment you have available, or get creative and find some object in place of a dumbbell or kettlebell for the squats. 

Tyler –

Get active doing an activity wherever you are!
Hike, snowboard, rock climb, mountain bike, swim, kayak, etc.

Do some truly functional fitness and explore the nature where you are with your body as your vehicle. Get off the beaten path and explore something new by putting your fitness into action.

Dustin – 

5 Tibetan Rites
Follow along with this video 

This practice works the physical body and the energetic body as well. This is something you can do every day, and it’s adaptable to anyone, regardless of age or physical ability. Grab your family and friends and have them join you!

Ashley – 

3 rounds for quality rather than time
10 pushups
15 air squats
200m run

Instead of blasting through this workout as fast as possible, focus on making each rep as perfect as possible. Keep your core tight and elbows close to your body in the pushups and make sure to go below parallel and open your hips all the way at the top of each air squat. Take some time during this workout to evaluate your own form and build good muscle memory and strength in doing everything properly.

Leslie –

Buy in: 400m run or 50 double unders
Then 5 rounds for time
12 dumbbell snatch
20 sit ups
10 burpees
Cash out: 400m run or 50 double unders

Who said at-home workouts have to be simple? Mix it up with a different style to keep things fresh!

Jess – 

5 rounds for time
10 dumbbell deadlifts
10 dumbbell hang power cleans
10 dumbbell front squats
10 dumbbell push press
10 dumbbell bent-over row
50 double unders or 100 singles

For this workout, you’ll need a set of dumbbells and a jump rope. If you’re staying at a hotel with a gym, those are usually easy to find! A jump rope is an easy, lightweight, cheap piece of equipment to travel with, and it is an easy way to spice up workouts.

Jan –

4 rounds for time
50 air squats
400m run

This workout lights up your lungs and pumps out your legs. By the time you’re done, you’ve run a whole mile. What more could you ask for?

Dave – 

2 mile run with a catch
Every 3:00 starting at 0:00, complete
10 push-ups
15 sit-ups
20 air squats

Running is a great way to explore a new place, and this adds a spin to a normal run by adding something to break it up. Run fast between intervals to cover as much ground as possible before the next 3 minute increment brings you back to the ground.

Brandon – 

Death by Burpees
Start a running clock.
0:00-1:00 complete 1 burpee
1:00-2:00 complete 2 burpees”
…continue until you cannot complete the required number of burpees within the minute.

It’s like an EMOM on steroids. In the beginning, it seems easy, but it’s a sneaky way to challenge friends and family. It’s super adaptable in that all you need is your body and a clock. It has a built-in warm-up and will leave you feeling accomplished. It’s a great way to test your fitness any time you’re in a pinch and short on space and equipment.