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Top Holiday Gifts for the CrossFitters in Your Life

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‘Tis the season of giving. And in the world of Crossfit, there are plenty of options to give! Although, our Crossfit gym offers plenty of the basics when it comes to gear and other equipment. More often than not, the sport also requires special gear, including wrist wraps, lifting belts and CrossFit-specific shoes, giving you plenty of options to find the perfect gift for that Crossfit lover in your life this holiday season.

So, for this month’s blog, we’ve rounded up an array of gift ideas for Crossfitters and athletes alike to help you on your gifting search – including some suggestions from our very own Crossfit Liberate coaches.

Shoes, Shoes, & More Shoes!

When Crossfit Liberate Founder and Coach Jack Green was asked what he’d recommend as a top Crossfit Christmas gift, the first and only thing he replied: Shoes! And let’s face it, you can never have enough shoes.

Many Crossfitters live and breathe the newest and the latest when it comes to Crossfit shoes, snatching them up just as they’re released. Others, like myself, hang on to their favorite pair up until they’re falling apart. And a good pair of Crossfit shoes can provide the stability and versatility needed to tackle diverse workouts, making them the perfect gift for that Crossfitter in your life! A pair of Power Lift Shoes (also known as “Lifters”) can also be a great choice for someone who’s interested in ramping up their lifting game.

There are a ton of shoe options to choose from out there, whether it be NOBULLS, Nike, Adidas, Reeboks or other brands. But to truly pick the right shoe, you should know the athlete you’re buying for.

Coach Jack suggests the Nike Metcon 7 Training Shoes, which have been known as a best overall Crossfit pick. Similarly, Coach Emmanuel Washington recommends the ​​Reebok Nano X Shoes, also a highly recommended shoe in the Crossfit world, which Coach Emmanuel says he prefers because of its wider fit.

Foam Roller & Other Mobility Tools

We all want to get stronger and fitter, and may think that lifting heavy and performing in some fancy-looking shoes is going to get us there. While that may be true, there are also other things we can be doing to improve our fitness. One of those things being mobility, making mobility tools like a foam roller or resistance bands a great gift.

Probably the most popular mobility tool is the foam roller and with good reason. It’s a simple tool that serves a heap of benefits. From short rollers to those bumpy versions, foam rollers come in a range of sizes and styles. Whatever the style you choose, foam rollers serve as a great recovery tool for anyone that does the sport.

Additionally, Coach Alma Tucker says one of her favorite at-home mobility tools are resistance bands. There are different types of resistance bands, the most common being the colorful, flat resistance bands you see at Crossfit Liberate, which are also known as strength bands or exercise bands. And because they’re so versatile, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to build, strengthen or work on an old shoulder injury, they have almost an infinite amount of uses and benefits.

And if you want to give something extra special, Coach Emmanuel recommends a gift certificate for a massage to help recover and work through those tight muscles. And if it’s for your significant other, you can treat yourself in the process with a couple’s massage!

Knee Support, Compress & Recover with Sleeves

Knee problems and knee pain are among the most common complaints with people of all ages. So, what can be done about such a persistent problem that seems to plague many of us? One thing people choose for pain relief and functional support is knee sleeves.

There are a lot of different brands and styles of knee sleeves to choose from, offering different types of support and functions for Crossfit athletes – everything from knee support, to knee compression or recovery.

Coach and Crossfit Liberate Founder Jan Kozak says he adores his knee sleeves made by the brand Stoic, making them his top gift recommendation this year. But like we said, there are plenty of other options to choose from depending on what an athlete wants to get out of them!

Jump Ropes

One very easy gift to give for any Crossfitter in your life is a jump rope. A jump rope is an elementary level piece of equipment. Everyone’s used one at some point during a workout, whether it be for single or double unders. Does that make them easy to use? Heck no! But, it does mean they are a great training tool and at times can make or break your workout, making them a highly recommended gift if someone you know doesn’t already own one.

Coach Alma says having your own jump rope can be quite the game changer when it comes to learning and perfecting your double unders. Having your own rope helps you get acquainted with the skill and may even encourage you to practice more on your own at home.

And for someone who may already own a jump rope, Coach Alma says back-up rope cables are a must-have – especially with the amount of use those ropes get at our gym. They’re bound to break and you’ll be in need of a replacement!

The Perfect Gym Bag

Walk into any Crossfit gym and you’ll probably at some point hear your coaches talk about how important it is to be prepared for whatever the WOD brings. That’s the foundation of Crossfit, afterall – to stay constantly varied. And these workout variations will require different equipment, as well as other accessories like hand grips and wrist wraps.

So, what better way to ensure Crossfit athletes in your life are well-prepared for their workout no matter what than a nice gym bag. A CrossFit athlete’s gym bag is their toolbox, and we want to ensure they’ve got all the tools to help them achieve their optimal level of fitness.

Whether it be a bag with a single longer strap to sling over one shoulder or a nylon bag that’s sleek, waterproof and durable, there are plenty of options to choose from. The important part here is to consider the athlete you’re buying for and the space they’re going to need. The good news is, your options are pretty endless in the bag realm, making it a great gift to give!

These are just some of the many gift options you have to choose from this holiday season. There are so many out there for every part of a Crossfitter’s workout – from the warmup to the workout itself to recovery. And while you don’t need to buy a full blown squat rack, there are still plenty of great gift ideas out there that support the CrossFit lifestyle.

Happy Holidays and Happy Gift Giving!