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by coach Kelly Moates

The word routine does not necessarily equate to a positive outcome. Routines can be negative and lead to negative outcomes. For us, we should define the routines that we currently have in place and plan for ones we want to create going forward.

January is a prime month for routines to be established, but is it really established if February is not marked by January’s work? How do we create a routine? After doing some reading, I have come up with two words that seem to carry the theme: clarity and consistency.

Clarity refers to the action itself and the desired outcomes. In order to create a positive routine we have to plan for it. We have to know what it looks like day in and day out.

For example
I want to be fitter in 2020 vs 2019. That’s broad but does lend itself to easier planning strategies. I could look back at Sugarwod and see the frequency of my workouts and work from there, while also looking at individual workouts and using them as a base for measurement. If the goal is to be fitter, what does the routine look like? Let’s gain some clarity.
I want to work out an average of four times per week, up from an average of three times per week in 2019. I plan to attend the 6:30 am class twice per week and the 7:00 pm class twice. If I miss one of my planned weekdays I will make it up on Saturday or Sunday. This is a very simple plan and when done with consistency it will become routine.

Consistency is critical. Doing something new is always challenging and if you’re like me you tend to set stretch goals. Being consistent is the only way to ensure a routine is established. You have to keep showing up. Keep doing the work.

Does this all feel a little too black and white? Not so fun? Let me release the tension, this process of creating a new routine HAS to be fun. It rarely works without fun or rewards attached. Celebrate two weeks of solid work. Take a yoga class as one of your four workouts. Mix it up and share with those around you. Shoutout to all our members working on and dialing in new routines right this very second.

How will you define your routines in 2020? Do you have clarity and consistency?