Our members value an environment that is safe, supportive, non-judgmental and non-intimidating—with a community that’s welcoming and encouraging, no matter what your fitness goal or skill level. The majority of our community is between the ages of 25-50, family-oriented and professional, so they want to come in, get a great training session and most of all, look and feel great.

  • Foundations

    The foundations course is required for anyone new to CrossFit. This course consists of six classes. In each, you will learn about the foundational movements of CrossFit. Foundations includes a Free Functional Movement Screen with a Physical Therapist from Horizon Physical Therapy. One of our coaches will arrange the sessions with you to match your schedule so you can get started with CrossFit right away. Our absolute highest priority is making sure you learn and execute all movements safely and efficiently. You can be confident we will not push you to the next exercise until we make sure you are ready. We will teach you every proper movement and lift before we increase intensity or add weight in order to reduce the risk of injury.

  • Nutrition

    At CrossFit Liberate, we believe that sound nutrition knowledge should be accessible to everyone in our community. Nutrition is the basis of everything we do inside and outside of the gym. The CrossFit fitness pyramid recognizes this – nutrition is the foundation. We may think nutrition is synonymous with dieting and weight loss, but in reality, good nutrition is balanced, wholesome eating that empowers your life. We also believe that good nutrition means having a positive relationship with food; food is fuel, but it is also part of your mental and emotional health.
    The focal point of our nutrition program is ensuring that you are fueling appropriately so you feel more energized during workouts, as well as in your day to day life. Our nutrition program provides personalized nutrition plans with accountability, monitoring, and feedback to ensure that you reach your goals. We focus on macronutrient programming, but if this is too restrictive, we can develop a more intuitive eating-based approach that works for your needs. Whatever your goals and needs are, we look forward to supporting you along the way!
  • CrossFit

    Based on the CrossFit prescription of “constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity,” our CrossFit program combines strength training with the “classic” CrossFit cardio workout. For this 1-hour class, you could be working on pull-ups, rowing, burpees and much more. Every WOD is different so you never get bored! We scale each workout to your fitness level, so you get the maximum workout every time. (60 minutes)

    Group warm-up
    Technical element / gymnastics, strength, agility, etc.

  • Aerobic Capacity

    This is a 60min class that will focus on developing your aerobic capacity. Higher aerobic capacity can benefit you in your CrossFit WODs, in your profession, and in your recreational activities.

    This class will implement work in the monostructural elements (rowing, biking, running, jumping, jump rope, etc) in isolation to improve overall aerobic capacity. This class will be a great choice for active recovery or for simply improving your cardiovascular engine.

  • Yoga

    Yoga is a great complement to our Crossfit training because it connects mind and body, increases mobility, and hits the pause button to reset your body. Expect longer holds, a full body experience, and a restored state of mind. Everyone is welcome and no flexibility required. Join us on Sundays and get back to your workouts Monday!
  • Open Gym

    Recess for grown-ups. In Open Gym, you have to freedom to use our gym any way you want. Make up a missed class, work on “homework” from your coach, practice skills you’re still mastering … the options are limitless.

    Non-coached, but coach on site.
    Offered every day, check our schedule
    Standard membership rates apply
    Before signing for Open Gym, please speak with a staff member

  • Personal Training

    For people looking for the most individualized approach, personal training is king. Every personal training member gets to work 1-on-1 with a highly qualified coach. With personal training we share the space with group class which allows you to be integrated into our great community while still getting the individual programming and attention that you need and/or desire.

  • Custom Programming

    Do you want to compete in the sport of fitness? Or are you looking to break through plateaus and achieve new heights in fitness? Talk to us about custom programming, which we’ll tailor to your specific needs and goals.

  • Olympic Weightlifting

    This weekly ~1hr class focuses on the principles and technique of Olympic Weightlifting. Our coaches for this class have decades of experience with this style of weightlifting.

    This class includes a warmup, lecture on the lift of the day, and ample time for technique and strength work. No cardio involved! The primary focus is placed on the three Olympic Weightlifting movements – the clean, the jerk, and the snatch.

    Programming for this class is designed to allow for you to drop in to a class and receive benefit without having been to prior sessions. This class is included with membership at CrossFit Liberate and is open to all skill levels.

    • 12 Month Unlimited


      per month

      • *12 months paid-in-full receives a 15% discount.
      • Paid-in-full memberships are non-refundable.
      • **All memberships include unlimited visits and childcare at no additional cost.
    • 6 Month Unlimited


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      • *6 months paid-in-full receives a 10% discount.
      • Paid-in-full memberships are non-refundable.
      • **All memberships include unlimited visits and childcare at no additional cost.
    • 3 Month Unlimited


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      • *3 months paid-in-full receives a 10% discount.
      • Paid-in-full memberships are non-refundable.
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    • Month-to-Month Unlimited


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      • **All memberships include unlimited visits and childcare at no additional cost.


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