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Programming 101

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by coach Kelly Moates

A substantial part of being a member at CFL is that you benefit from excellent programming. For the last couple of years, we have used programming from CompTrain, founded by Coach Ben Bergeron. CompTrain offers a holistic approach to classic CrossFit, endurance, and strength training for athletes.

Why is programming so important and why should you care?

Do you know the feeling of walking into a 24/7 fitness gym and having the pressure of coming up with a workout that makes sense? It is challenging in a number of ways. 1) you have biases and opinions about certain lifts or movements and those will affect whether or not you choose to do them, 2) there is some amount of inherent pressure to work a new body part each time you go to the gym, 3) and now you have to keep track of your workouts, what you have and have not done, and plan ahead. It’s a lot to keep in check. That’s why programming is so valuable. If the big picture is fitness then let’s address that with movements and time domains that complement each other, not just on a daily basis but on a weekly and monthly basis.

If you haven’t already noticed, certain days of the week look similar week to week. For instance, Thursday is usually a long duration, lower-intensity workout intended to keep stress off your body and simply move with an elevated heart rate. Mondays and/or Wednesdays will typically host a strength component. While the other days fill in the gaps. There is intentionality with each programmed workout and our job as coaches at CFL is to help you apply that, individually, to your fitness journey.

So, the charge this month is to review your workouts, see what days you typically attend the gym, and try to change it up if possible. If Monday usually results in no gym for you, maybe think about switching it with a day you never miss or add it into the rotation if you are able. The point is this, programming is important and we take it seriously at CFL. We want it to meet your needs and help you reach your goals. Feedback is always welcome and we are more than willing to offer tips for open gym or homework.