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Priorities Matter

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by coach Kelly Moates

The Open gives a unique opportunity to evaluate your priorities.

For those doing the Open, you get four days and some change to complete the workout. Why does this matter? If you don’t make completing the workout each week a priority, there’s a good chance that life will get in the way and you’ll be struggling to just get a score.

Here’s a personal confession. I have been extremely inconsistent in my workouts over the last two months. Working out has not been a high priority for me. I wish I were going more but having a new puppy reorders the priority list. Maybe things in your life have pushed fitness down the totem pole as they have for me. I want to be a positive voice here. One, we as coaches are not perfect nor do we try to be. I struggle to get to the gym, probably more than our average athlete. So, maybe you’re like me and have been going less than you’d like. Don’t feel bad about it, just make some adjustments. What are the priorities in your life and where does fitness rank? It always needs to be high. We always need to make time for fitness even when life gets a bit hectic.

The question then becomes how quickly can you get back to it? The sooner you realize that your frequency has slipped the sooner you can reevaluate and reorder. I’m currently in the reevaluate stage and the thing I want to convey here is this, take your time. Make it sustainable. This is a light-hearted blog but fitness should, ultimately, be taken very seriously. Your health matters and you deserve to have fitness at the top of your list.

So, whether you’re in the Open or not use the next four weeks of Crossfit excitement to find a new rhythm or strengthen the current one. Evaluate your current priorities and make sure fitness is among the top. The holidays are coming and we’re all going to need our best selves when it comes to pie, mac n cheese, turkey, etc. Now is the time to establish a strong base and rely on it as family trips arise and schedules are thrown all out of whack. We’re all in this together which means we need to be graceful encouragers with those around our community.

Go get em!