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New to CrossFit?

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by Kathryn Skeean

Greetings from your resident Crossfit newbie! 

Today’s blog post is about entirely that–being new. If you are interested in starting CrossFit but are on the fence or thinking it looks too hard, then hopefully my (very limited) experiences can help you realize that you can do it too. 

Now, I won’t sugarcoat it. Crossfit IS hard. Very, very hard. The amount of sweat that my body has produced during a workout is slightly impressive, and I’m sure some less-than-savory words have flown out of my mouth too. In my opinion, though, the hardest part of the whole thing is getting over that mental block saying that it’s too hard, or I’m tired today, or I’m not athletic enough for whatever move. I was terrified to start because of all of the excuses I came up with as to why I would not succeed.

A little background on myself: I am a current college student and former athlete, but I got an injury that ended my competitive career in high school. I was somewhat active still before joining CrossFit Liberate, but definitely not in the shape I used to be in when I was in active training for track, gymnastics, and equestrian. I pretty much came into CrossFit with the fitness level of a person who stayed inside doing nothing but online school for over a year (thanks, 2020). So, needless to say, you do not need to come into CrossFit as a pro athlete or full-time bodybuilder to be able to succeed. I have learned very quickly that CrossFit is not for one specific kind of person–it is something that absolutely anyone can do. For example, there was a woman in her sixties absolutely killing it in my class today. Sixties!! And absolutely crushing the workout. 

Something that really helps tame the scary beast that the idea of CrossFit can seem like is finding a gym with an environment you can really vibe with. I have absolutely found that in CrossFit Liberate. Every time I have been, I have been surrounded by people there that want the best for themselves and the other athletes in the room. Fellow classmates cheer one another on through the whole thing, and coaches take time to help correct, but also to tell you what you did well. I have never felt more supported and comfortable in a gym than at CrossFit Liberate. It’s simply a setting that breeds success and positivity. 

Another thing that makes Crossfit so accessible is the ability to modify a workout to exactly what you need it to be. I am entirely new, and I am fully comfortable with saying that I have not yet done one workout as prescribed yet. There is no pressure to do anything outside of your ability, only to push your boundaries so you get the full benefits of the workout. 

Oh, and one other thing: go into this new adventure with a sense of humor. I know this can be hard sometimes–I myself used to get frustrated with myself when I didn’t get something right the first time, but laughing at yourself can make it so much less stressful. I cannot tell you the number of times my brain did not comprehend how my hips and legs and arms were supposed to move with the different kinds of lifts, and if I am being honest, I still absolutely mess them up sometimes. Laugh it off! While you need to work on form and do the movements correctly for safety reasons, it’s okay to mess up, especially when you’re starting out and have little to no weight on the bars. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. We are all learning something new every day. 

All of this blabber to say, you can do it. You absolutely can. 

Hope to see you at the gym sometime soon!