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by coach Kelly Moates

Welp, here we are halfway through January. How are those resolutions coming? What about your goals and your “one word”? Regardless of how you went about starting this new year, the questions remains: How’s it going? Are you just as motivated as when you embarked on this new journey? It’s fascinating how quickly motivation can wane.

There is something to be said for applying Newton’s First Law to motivation. Once an object is in motion it will continue in motion until something knocks it off track. In the same way, an object at rest will stay there until something prompts movement. I hope you hear this right, you may go through ebbs and flows of fitness or anything in life but it’s all about starting. Once you start, the ball will roll. But this is where the similarities to Newton’s Law end. Our objects, or goals, won’t remain in motion without our attention. Each new day requires a new start. While that seems daunting don’t let it scare you. It simply means that you have a choice every day whether you are going to start the snowball or not.

Motivation is the first force that gets you going. And sticking with the theme of analogies, let’s use another one. Staying motivated is much like plugging into a charger. Once you have your power source, i.e. motivation, then you know where to go when times are tough. When it’s 5:00 am and you have zero desire to go to the gym or Sunday afternoon and you still haven’t grocery shopped for the week. In times like those, you will need to find your charging station. Your original motivation is that charging station. Don’t lose sight of it and don’t let it lose importance.

The point is this, motivation does not have to come in the form of a hype Youtube video or sticky notes covering your bathroom mirror, although those things may help. Motivation instead is holding on to the answer of your “why” question and knowing exactly what to do to find it in times of need. Why did you move toward your particular goal in the first place? What was the driving force then and how can you continue to use it to motivate you now?