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Just Keep Moving

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by Coach Kelly Moates

Cooped up? Feeling restless? It’s normal considering the amount of abnormality we’ve seen lately.  The days are increasingly strange and weird. How is it affecting you – emotionally, mentally, physically?

Personally, I have an increased desire to cook good food. Not necessarily always healthy, but good and cooked by me. It took me a solid week and a half before I realized that this eating and general house projects were not going to be sustainable. I needed more intentional movement. I needed my brain and body to get on the same page. With so much that we cannot control, I knew that my physical movement was still one thing I could control.

Just keep moving.

That is the theme of this short read. The importance of movement, in general, but especially, now.

How do we move, stay physically fit and active without our gym? I have come up with a few solutions for you.

The easiest and quickest is to follow the daily (twice/day) workouts and/or yoga that CFL provides. This is not an advertisement, it is reality! CrossFit classes at 9am and 5pm, 7 days a week. Yoga at 10am on Wednesdays and 2pm on Sundays. Both on Zoom and Instagram Live. The more I researched this topic the more I found that article after article was citing some fitness routine or video to watch, to track down every day. We, as members of CFL, are fortunate enough to have programming (lots of it) sent to us every day. More than that, we still get encouragement from a coach that cares. These things do matter and if you’re like me, you took it for granted. Take advantage of the fitness community and support that is readily available.

Lastly, just keep moving in your home doing odd tasks like laundry, cooking, watching tv, playing with a pet. I read an article that suggested you do side lunges while flipping clothes in the wash. Try it out! What do you have to lose? Crazier things are literally happening right this second in the world. Be crazy with your creativity.

Movement matters for more reasons than I can articulate in a short post like this. You know that it matters for your emotional and mental health. You know that it affects things like your mood and patience and overall energy level. We need all of those things right now as we spend our days in this endless virus loop.

Focus on your health, stay at home, and just keep moving!!