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Is The Open for me?

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by coach Kelly Moates





Sooo The 2020 CrossFit Open is here.

Let’s review: The Open is the start of the CrossFit season. It consists of one workout per week for five weeks, starting on Oct 10th. Workouts are announced on Thursday evenings, and to bring us all together around the event, starting Oct 10th, we’ll be hosting Open Workout Announcement Parties every Thursday at 7:30pm! Come one, come all. You don’t have to be a member to attend.

Now, after the Thursday evening workout announcement, you’ll have until the following Monday at 8pm to complete the workout and submit your score. There are several divisions to compete in: RX, Scaled, Masters (ages 35 and up), and Teens (17 or younger). You can complete some WODs Rx and some scaled. You don’t have to do all of them one way or the other. Members of CFL get an additional incentive – each member that completes all of the workouts in order, and submits their scores to on time, receives a FREE pair of sweet chevron socks.








Now let’s get into what the Open really represents. People often see the competitiveness and think, that’s not for me. Some think that only the elite “athletes” are allowed to sign up and complete the Open. You may or may not fall into this category and if you do, you’re not alone. I used to believe that it was reserved for those trying to make it to the Crossfit Games. Well let me say that I now believe that it is truly for everyone else. Did you read that right? The Open is for everyone else? Like you and me?


The Open is truly for US. It is a worldwide competition between you and whoever else you want to include. It could be you vs. the world, you vs. your gym, you vs. your best friend, OR you vs. you. For me, the last option is the best option. Me vs. Me. Year after year I get to compete against myself and the place I finished the year before. I get to compare myself to me from the year before, and I set a baseline for the next year.

However you approach the Open, I hope you approach it. I hope you participate in it. This is the community that we talk about all the time. The Open brings CrossFitters from all over the world just a little bit closer. Think about that catchy Facebook commercial that came out after they sold all of your data. The one about making the world a little bit smaller. That’s what we get to do here, connect with our global fitness community. You are essentially training with every Crossfit box in the world. How cool is that?

I’ve hyped myself up just writing this. I’m on the fence every year because I get caught up in the “I don’t belong here” mindset. Please, please let me encourage you, YOU do BELONG here. This is for you and you’ll love yourself for completing it. Trust me.

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