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How often should you work out?

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by Coach Kelly Moates

Loaded question: How often should you work out?

The answer requires another question, what are your fitness goals?

REMINDER: We are all athletes. Everyone that enters the gym becomes an athlete. There are coaches and athletes, that’s it.

As an athlete, I would say that you should be in the gym a minimum of three days a week over a seven day period. This is often my goal. Life can be hectic and three days is usually an attainable goal. Our fitness should never cause added or unwarranted stress. If your goal is four days a week and last week you only went three, that’s okay. Things happen and there is no reason to get bent out of shape because of it. Again, the goal of Crossfit is to the elevate your overall fitness. This includes mental and emotional fitness. Stress is to be reduced as a result of exercise, not induced.

That’s why I am writing this short post. Many times we get caught up in how many days we are supposed to work out or how many days other people seem to working out. With that, we lose sight of the reason we work out: to be healthy, to feel good. Don’t let your workout frequency be an added stressor in your life.

ABC’s of workout frequency:
A) Define your goal and determine a schedule that aligns. If you want to be a games athlete then you should probably move a cot into Jan’s office and live at the gym. If you just want to look and feel good, workout anywhere between three and five times a week. Take some rest. Take your fitness outside. Be active. Seven days a week is NOT necessary.
B) Go back and read the blog post from June!
C) Evaluate on a monthly basis. Do not look at a single week and let it determine your progress or even consistency. Take some time each month and evaluate the previous and make corrections if necessary.

*Stay tuned for the August blog post as we’ll share some personal stories of lives being changed because of CFL and maybe even address the, “will I get BULKY?” question.