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Hero WODs

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by Coach Kelly Moates

This year, more so than previously, we have more to be thankful for. I know I have more perspective when it comes to freedom and rights, and to what we have access. With a worldwide pandemic, things have been hectic, to say the least. I also think, now more than ever, we have a better idea of what real fear can look like. I know I have a greater appreciation for the things I have and the freedom I enjoy being in the United States of America. For me, recognizing and acknowledging that my comfort is a gift from other people has been critical these last few months. Our communities have rallied around those serving on the front lines. There are heroes among us.

So, how does the CrossFit community pay homage to these people? Especially those that have lost their lives? By participating in Hero WODs. Doing ridiculously hard workouts in memory of those lost. It is a way of respecting the nature of their work and service to us. We have the ability because others gave us the ability. The workouts are intentionally harder than most because we need to feel the reminder that life is not always easy. In fact, rarely is it easy. We need to sweat harder, push further, and become more connected as a result of these hero WODs. They are not a game but a reminder. 

This year, and every year, we celebrate with one of the most famous workouts on a day of remembering, Memorial Day. Murph is the workout and it’s performed for a man named Michael Murphy who died serving this country. My encouragement is that you do this workout not only for Mike but also for those that have been working tirelessly for months trying to protect us from an overwhelming pandemic. I’m sure you know a nurse, police officer, military personnel, firefighter, doctor, etc. Do this workout for them.

As the word hero has embodied more faces and professions, I hope that you will incorporate more hero WODs into your programming. Take them seriously and make them the big deal that they are.