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Help us, help you

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by coach Kelly Moates

You may have noticed our recent coaching evaluations and our new coaches in general. The gym is growing but we, the coaches, want to make sure that you, the athlete, are getting the best care and attention possible. It has been a focal point for us the last several months. We have asked ourselves questions like these: 

Where can I get better in my coaching?
Am I communicating well with my class?
What are the ways we can enhance each hour of class? 

Our goal as coaches is to create the best hour of your day. It takes effort, more than simply showing up and telling you what to do. Each class requires a certain level of preparation and attentiveness. With that being said, we want your feedback and input. Who better to give that feedback than the athletes we coach. 

Every athlete is different, therefore, all of you have your own unique way of being motivated. Some like to be yelled at as a form of encouragement and some of you cringe at the thought of that type of motivation. Some of you like when we simply come by and give little coaching cues and some like a full-fledged one on one diagnosis. Some of you want to tell your coach about your day and others are there to get a workout in and go home. All of these are okay and right but in order for us to better serve you, it would be helpful to know your motivations. 

Help us, as coaches, help you, as an athlete. How can we make your experience better? Teach us about you and what motivates you. We want to know how to unlock your best effort each time you are in class. Just like you get better at certain movements with our feedback, we too can get better at coaching you with your feedback. 

Find some time in the next few weeks and let your coaches know how you like to be coached. I’m not talking about some big long plan of action, but some small tips on what to do or not to do that will make your CFL hour the best of the day. One thing I will add is that we appreciate affirmation as much as you do. When we do something right, let us know! 

If you ever have questions about why we do certain things don’t hesitate to ask. Know this, we are not made of glass. We can handle critical feedback. Our job is to make you healthier and we do not take that lightly. So, your feedback is welcome and encouraged.