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Grace & Patience

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by Coach Kelly Moates

Holy potato, it’s already June! I’m sure that by now you’ve already reached your 2019 goals, whatever they are…


Things have gone exactly how you planned for them to and the weight is flying off or the muscles won’t stop growing…?

Allow me to offer an alternate reality – one where life happens and instead of going to the gym five days a week, you rarely make it twice. Or one where grocery shopping went really well for a month or so and now it’s like pulling teeth just trying to get the list together. These are fitness related but maybe you have other areas in your life where consistency has fallen off or things aren’t going quite like you thought they would. The easy answer is to go back to your old ways. The ones that drove you to make goals in the first place. The areas in your life that you were not comfortable with. Going back to that will undoubtedly be easier than my suggestions below.

So, let’s agree together that this journey is worth it and that you are worth the effort.

I’d like to be an encourager here. We are halfway through the year and we can look at the glass as half empty or half full. When we planned the topics for this year’s blog posts, I knew there had to be one about this very topic, so I came up with two words that make the most sense, grace & patience.

Grace to me is understanding that things will not always go our way and that it’s okay. We are human and odds are we probably set some lofty goals in the first place. Give yourself some grace and don’t judge yourself into inactivity.

Patience is all about understanding the process and seeing the big picture. Look back and see how far you’ve come. This fitness journey is a long game. A lifestyle. There will be peaks and valleys and we have to be okay with it.

Take a few days and assess your progress and your feelings toward that progress. If you find yourself frustrated remember what we talked about, be graceful. If you find yourself anxious, remember the word patience and trust the process. Now, you may be thinking, “Really, Kelly, two words are supposed to be the jumpstart I need?” And to that I’ll say, go back to the top and remind yourself that this is worth it and you are worth it. All I have done is given you tools, it’s your job to get the work done.

As the slightly creepy Rob Schneider would say, “You can do it!!”