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by coach Kelly Moates

Consuming content seems important and necessary these days. We need to be educating ourselves, staying up to date on current events, and the changes in our world. When it comes to consuming fitness content, we here at CFL feel an obligation to bring attention to those producing quality material and to make ourselves available for questions.

For example, your CFL coaches have been working to create a positive culture. We recently read the book titled “Chasing Excellence” by Coach Ben Bergeron. The premise of the book is to consistently and persistently seek positive outlets. Whether it is our general health, work-life, family life, or anything else, positivity can be a powerful tool.

Our hope, as your local affiliate, is to provide you with as many resources to further your fitness as possible. Fitness means more than a one-hour workout a few times a week. For instance, our very own, Coach Leslie and Rob Gordon have started their own podcast titled “Getting Swolder” to address and ultimately encourage those in the fitness community that find themselves aging (in the sense that things ache that did not previously ache…) while simultaneously chasing new fitness goals.

Here are some other resources that we feel could add value to your day and overall content consumption.

Getting Swolder (podcast)
Talking Elite Fitness (podcast)
Iron Roots Athlete (Instagram)
Thephysiofix (Instagram)
Squat University (Instagram)

When it comes to finding credible resources for your health journey we hope that you feel comfortable asking us for help. With there being so many avenues for content, our goal is to be a guide if you need it. In the same manner, as you have favorite voices in the fitness community please share them! We are all in this thing together so do not ever assume that we are aware of someone or something.