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CrossFit Gear

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by Coach Kelly Moates

What are the things that you make sure to bring to every CrossFit class? There’s always that one piece of gear that if you do not have it, you’ll consider not working out at all.

This month we are talking about our favorite CrossFit gear. Those items that make the workout experience better for you. It could be knee sleeves or headbands or any of the things our coaches have listed as being their favorites. At some point in your fitness journey you will gravitate to certain items that you simply cannot go without! But let’s take a few minutes to assess the need for all the gear.

Should you wear knee sleeves for every workout, start to finish, warm-up to cool down? No, unless a doctor or therapist has given you strict instructions. Sometimes your favorite gear can become a crutch and it can do more harm than good. Remember, our goal is to be the fittest and healthiest versions of ourselves. That means your raw unaltered body. In order to make that happen we need to understand the best times to “gear up.” 

  1. When the weight is substantially heavier than normal and requires extra gear for safety.
  2. When you have an injury or ailment
  3. You just bought it and want so badly to use it!!

This is not an exhaustive list as I’m sure there are other justifiable reasons for certain aids, but I hope it speaks to the nature of why gear exists. Some gear is workout specific such as a jump rope, but this is speaking to those things that could become a crutch if used too often.

The final point is really for beginners or those that have never experimented with all of the workout gear. It is fun and cool to get new things, but don’t go out and get everything you think you need or everything you see others using. Take some time to understand your body and assess the areas that may need some help. When it comes to fun things like ropes, grips, shoes, etc., ask around. People love talking about their favorite items and they are likely to review past items that did not work for them. CFL is a community of resources and you should take advantage of that.

Here are some items your coaches love:

Dustin Valenta – “RxSmartGear Speed rope. Because fast.”

Brian Clapp – “Thumbs Up Tape”. Really can’t snatch heavy without it.

Jan Kozak – “Sweatbands for your wrists. They go under your grips to keep your grips and hands dry, and they also protect the base of your hands from blistering. They are my secret to staying on the bar for biiiiiigg sets.”

Jeremiah Williams – “I love the Alec Smith Grips. I can hold on for bigger sets and my hands and grip aren’t fried afterwards.”

Brandon Moreno – “Built for Athletes book bag. I keep everything in this bag. These are less than $40 and have lots of capacity.”