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As a place that cares deeply about your health and wellness we are taking the sanitation guidelines, those that comply with the State of Georgia’s requirements, very seriously. CFL had Certified Clean Care provide a thorough cleaning prior to athletes returning to the box on May 4th. 

There is a full document outlining our safety and sanitation procedures but here are a few of the key points: 

  1. Each member will have their temperature assessed upon arrival with a temporal scan. 
  2. Each member will have access to and be required to sanitize all equipment after use. 
  3. Class sizes have been limited to 14 athletes to ensure that everyone has ample space to perform the necessary movements. 
  4. Class times have a 15 minute gap to give sufficient time for athletes to sanitize their equipment and exit the facility without overlap from the incoming class. 

Each current member has been educated on the guidelines that require social distancing. We, here at CFL, take great pride in being a facility that seeks excellence in all facets. Sanitation and our members’ general health is of the utmost importance. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this situation and the way our facility has chosen to take precautions.