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by Coach Kelly Moates

I have a couple of questions before we get into this. How connected are you? I don’t mean in the political or socioeconomic sense but how connected is your life to others?

At Crossfit Liberate, community is a staple. It is a calling card and frankly, it’s one of the biggest reasons, if not the biggest reason that our membership is growing every day. Community is more than just working out in the same space. Community is connectedness. When my life is tied to someone else’s for any reason, be it emotional support, accountability, motivation, education, or anything else, I am better. It’s as simple as that. We are better, connected. I think that is what makes Crossfit stick out and more specifically, what makes Crossfit Liberate rise above the rest. There is a community here like none other.

To be fair, I am definitely biased. I am a part of the awesome community and my view is from within but I think anyone standing on the outside looking in would find what we have here is pretty special. My role is not necessarily to write a blog post that inflates the ego of this gym or its founders. I see this as an opportunity to be honest, and the truth is, fitness cannot happen without community. Even those in non-Crossfit flavored gyms typically find others to workout with. It takes a special person to consistently wake up and train by themselves. Those folks tend to be in a league of their own. I, for one, am not that person and most of us are not. The reality of the situation is that community or connectedness is the magic formula. I’m confident that if you were to ask a current member why they love the gym, the specific workouts we do would not be their first response. They are likely to say, “I love the people or the atmosphere or the encouragement.” Seriously, go ask someone you know that is a member why they keep coming back.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking, and no, we are not a cult. You don’t have to drink the kool-aid, although we do drink the Kill Cliff (Shoutout to Kaitlin), to understand and join this community. What’s most weird and strange about us Crossfit Liberaters is that we endure the pain of each workout because we love the company. We love being connected, in some small way, to each person in our class. That is community.

My encouragement to those who are members of CFL is to reach out to those around you in class. Introduce yourself to someone new everyday. If you are new, I hope that you have been welcomed properly but don’t wait for community to come to you, go get it. Get connected to those that you see on a regular basis. And for those on the outside looking in, give it a chance. Fitness is a lifelong journey and like everything else in life, the way to make it sustainable is to do it with others. I’ll get real for a second, I am an introvert. Lots of people make me anxious. But people make life worth it. Find your community and get connected. Life is better this way.