Core Values

Core Values

1) CrossFit for Everyone

Our coaches are all in on CrossFit. We are 100% invested in the methodology and philosophy of CrossFit.

Additionally, all fitness levels are welcome and treated equally.

Whatever your background, appearance, and fitness level, you're welcome at CrossFit Liberate.

2) Professionalism

This encompasses the owners and staff of CFL treating the gym as an organized and thriving business.  This is not a hobby or side project for us and our staff.

We focus on:

  • Excellent customer service.
  • Bringing energy, relentlessness, and preparedness to our coaching.
  • Clean, well-appointed equipment and facilities.
  • Providing value that exceeds expectations to our members.
3) Fairness

We make decisions by weighing what’s best for everyone.  All are treated equally - members, staff, and owners.

We write policies that are fair to all parties.  We price memberships and fees by taking into consideration what's fair for members, staff, and owners.  All are subject to policies and pricing on an equal basis. We do not offer discounts on memberships to any walks of life.  We subject all members, staff, and owners to policies.  We avoid special treatment as much as possible.

4) Fun

This is simple: Why do anything if you’re not enjoying it?

CrossFit is hard.  We have to enjoy the daily grind that is improving our fitness if we have any chance of sticking to it.  We truly want to create the best hour of your day when you're here for your class at CFL.  Outside of the class, we invest in the CFL community through monthly get-togethers, seminars, and fundraisers.  We strive to create a fun environment for staff and coaches as well through team building, staff development, and the culture of our team.